Dear Friend,

I am Mr. Peter Amangbo,managing director of my bank. With due respect and 
regards, I have decided to contact you on a particular  business transaction 
that will benefit both of us at the very end of the transaction.

Please my branch bank manager (late) made a secret deposit on behalf of his 
client Mrs Diezani Alison-Madueke, a former Minister of Petroleum Resources of 
the Federal Republic of Nigeria who herself is now a cancer patient and 
presently in U.K receiving treatment. This deposit was made in a third party 
name that does not really exist as is the case with secret deposit usually made 
by politicians and political appointees.  But fortunately, our late Manager had 
confided in me with details of the deposit to help protect deposited fund 
should the need arise in the course of our auditing.

It may please you to know that my late Manager died after suffering a brief 
heart attack out of fear that the incoming new administration of President 
Muhammadu Buhari was going to probe the former Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke 
who is now cancer stricken. To reassure myself that the details was 
confidential only between my late Manager and I,I monitored and observed the 
situation for some time and I am completely satisfied that no person or group, 
no inquiry or query has been made on deposited fund before I safely transferred 
funds to Europe.

I now solicit for your assistance to present you as the next of kin to move the 
funds from Europe to your account designate. Please be rest assured that all 
the internal documentation to transfer fund to Europe was handled by me to 
ensure safety of transaction. Please note this did not come easy for me as the 
cost was high and expensive on my side transferring funds safely to Europe. 
Contact through my email here for more discussion:

Best Regards,

Peter Amangbo.
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