Source: kpmcore
Version: 3.2.1-2
Severity: important
Justification: was built in the past
Usertags: alpha

The latest build of kpmcore [1] did not package libkpmcore6 on Alpha,
and contained a comment in the changelog that "kde dependencies has
never been available since inception of this package" which I do
not believe is true in regards to Alpha.  It is true that the build
did fail once at version 3.2.0-1 due to bug #879024 in the
build-deps.  A better response would have been to version the
build-deps so that kpmcore would not build on Alpha until such time
as the build-deps can be fixed.  As it is, an updated version of the
build-deps are now available on Alpha so please re-enable the
packaging of libkpmcore6 in the build of kpmcore on Alpha.



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