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在 2017年11月28日星期二 CST 上午9:55:54,Boyuan Yang 写道:
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> Hello all,
> I'm wondering about the future of package "kalternatives" in Debian. It has
> not been updated for 7 years, now affected by Qt4 removal and I cannot find
> the upstream VCS for it.
> Will there be any porting efforts? If yes, please let me know; if not, we
> could consider submitting removal request to get this out of Debian
> unstable.
> PS: I'm the current maintainer of package "galternatives" in Debian.
> Thanks,
> Boyuan Yang


Since there's no response, I'm going to file an RM bug for package 
kalternatives within one month.

Please let me know if anyone is willing to work on it and port it to Qt5.

Boyuan Yang

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