The 0.26 release was uploaded to Experimental in July.  I'd like to see it get 
uploaded to 
Unstable, for use by Digikam 5.7.  How may I help?

There are currently 5 RC bugs -- one due to a gcc 7 change, one due to symbols 
file, and 3 
CVEs.  The upstream git repo has an 0.26 branch that has quite a lot of 
activity since 
October, including fixes for at least some of the CVEs. 

I just did a build with current upstream 0.26 and the gcc 7 issue is gone.  

The Digikam 5.7 upload to Experimental is built against 0.26 and I've been 
using it on my 
system for months without apparent issue.  

As a proposal: how about uploading a new 0.26 source from the upstream git?   
If that's 
acceptable, I could prepare the upload -- I have some time in the next week.


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