On Sunday, April 8, 2018 1:25:42 PM CDT Simon Frei wrote:
> I totally understand that, I am just trying to get infos to you as
> debian maintainer from my (at the moment admittedly almost non-existing)
> involvement upstream. Exiv2 0.26 will likely not get into testing.
> Upstream does backport a lot of security fixes to 0.26, but negated
> creating a dot release on request, and is focussing on 0.27. It was
> planned to release an rc in early 2018, but from what I read in the
> issue tracker, that's not going to happen asap.

Yes, fair enough.   I'm not entirely opposed to patching digikam to accept the 
older exiv2.  That was going to be my Plan B in any case, but you make a good 
case to do it immediately and work on updating exiv2 in parallel.


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