In data domenica 8 aprile 2018 21:08:03 CEST, Dmitry Shachnev ha scritto:
> Hi Steve!
> On Sun, Apr 08, 2018 at 01:18:56PM -0500, Steve Robbins wrote:
> > Hi.  What is blocking upload of svn-converted repositories?  Is there
> > anything I can do?
> I am ready to push them to Salsa at any moment, and I have updated my
> import [1] to the latest revision recently, but Pino (CCed) asked me to
> wait a bit more until he reviews it.

How where they converted? Where are the scripts/rules used for them?

> [1]:

I am now sure which criterias you chose, but these repositories include
stuff not present in Debian, some of them removed many years ago, and
few even things never uploaded...
<grumpy>why am I poked to review stuff that makes no sense to
convert? why do *I* have to check even this?</grumpy>

I'd say:
- start with sources currently in unstable/testing (so stuff that most
  probably will get more work), in batches of 10 (so it can be reviewed
  more easily)
- after that, go on to sources in stable but no more in unstable, since
  they might get changes in stable
- then decide what to do about the rest

Random things I found out:

* there are tags backups/$oldbranchname@$revision, which should be
  checked whether they makes sense as branch names instead, or just
  drop them otherwise

* rsibreak:
  - the tag debian/0.9.0_beta3 with no parents nor children
  - there are two initial empty commits
  - the branch upstream has basically only empty commits

* kmplayer:
  - the branch experimental (that merges to master) starts from nothing

and I did not check more than other 10 repositories or so.

Pino Toscano

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