I was looking through the KDE 4 packages to see if we have everything in the 
right section.  The idea is to move applications out of the "kde" section 
where possible, leaving only KDE infrastructure, metapackages, etc.  There 
are a number of packages I'm not sure about, so please post any ideas you 

Most kde<module>-dbg packages are currently in the "libdevel" section, but 
some are not.  Should kde<modules>-dbg be in "libdevel" or "kde"?

package             oldsection -->  newsection

extragear-plasma    utils -->  kde or misc?             
kdm                 kde   -->  x11
klipper             kde   -->  text or utils
ksysguard           kde   -->  utils or admin
kwin                kde   -->  x11?
systemsettings      kde   -->  ???
dolphin             kde   -->  utils
kdepasswd           kde   -->  admin or utils
kfind               kde   -->  utils
kinfocenter         kde   -->  admin or utils
konqueror           kde   -->  web?
konsole             kde   -->  ???
kwrite              kde   -->  editors
kalgebra            kde   -->  math
kgeography          kde   -->  ???
kiten               kde   -->  text or utils
klettres            kde   -->  ???
ktouch              kde   -->  ???
kwordquiz           kde   -->  ???
marble              kde   -->  ???
parley              kde   -->  ???
libkdegames4        games -->  libs
kdegames-dbg        games -->  libdevel
knewsticker         kde   -->  net?
cvsservice          libs  -->  kde
kteatime            kde   -->  ???
kworldclock         games -->  ???
ark                 kde   -->  utils
kcalc               kde   -->  math
kcharselect         kde   -->  text
kdessh              kde   -->  net
kdf                 kde   -->  utils
kfloppy             kde   -->  admin or utils
kgpg                kde   -->  utils
kjots               kde   -->  text or utils
kmilo               kde   -->  admin or utils
ktimer              kde   -->  utils
kwalletmanager      kde   -->  utils?
sweeper             kde   -->  utils

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