On Sat, Feb 16, 2008 at 01:22:31PM +0000, Pierre Habouzit wrote:
>   We should still look in the archive if other libraries have the
> symbols and deal on a per case basis. It seems c++ libraries are the one
> affected, C ones usually arent as extern inline has a different meaning
> in C (especially in GNU C 89).

  okay and to finish to nail the problem down:

18:16      MoDaX | libqt-mt is not built with -O2!!
18:16 mukidohime | Sweet zombie jesus!
18:16 mukidohime | Whose idea was that?
18:16      MoDaX | that's why it exposes stat64 and friends
18:17      MoDaX | libs built with -O2 does not
18:17      MoDaX | do not*
18:17 mukidohime | So *that's* why only Qt was affected...

  Which means that now I'm not only in favour to manually add the symbols to
Qt3, but in fact it's also The Right Thing to do, Qt people, please sort out
_your_ mess :)

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