KDE 4.0.3 will be released tomorrow, but it won't be upload to Debian.
Instead, we, the KDE packagers, have started to work directly on KDE 4.1. We
are currently uploading packages to experimental with  a trunk snapshot from 
KDE's subversion. They are those packages named 4.0.6X+svnXXXX

This 4.0.6X packages include _big changes_ in some packages, specially new 
stuff that made some packages go to NEW first, the upgrade path from 3.5.9 
is not fully tested/fixed, and they are being uploaded for i386. 
So if you are using another arch different of i386, you will have to wait
maybe 2 weeks or so for having packages for you arch, and if you are using 
i386 you still will have to wait packages be accepted in NEW and do not be 
surprised if they do not update fine.

My personal piece of advise:

a) if you are a 3.5.9 user waiting to test KDE 4, wait for at least a month
and then we trust KDE 4 packages in experimental will be nice to install and
KDE 4.1 will be nice to use as well.

b) if you are a 4.0.2 user, wait at least 2 weeks.

As always, pretty please only report bugs against pacckages in experimental
when it is clearly a Debian packaging related bug, for bugs in KDE desktop
itself, please use KDE's bugzilla.



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