Dear people with FTP-powers,

With the upload of the new KDE 4.1 snapshot to experimental, there are some
packages that need to go through NEW. Trying to make your and our life easier, 
here it is a little explanation.

phonon - NEW PACKAGE, it is actually splitted from kde4libs, but with some new 
         layout further that just libphonon*. You will see we wrote a nice 
         copyright file :P

kdebase-runtime - SPLIT STUFF, phonon-backend-xine was split into its own 

These two packages would need quick processing, I just uploaded phonon, until 
this package is accepted, the rest of packages are blocked, since it is a 
library needed by kde4libs to build and all KDE 4 needs kde4libs to build...:)

kdebase-runtime is not needed to build by the rest of KDE 4, but it is 
just for run KDE 4 correctly.
Both packages are important, because we need some testing and feedback from 
users given it belongs to the part of KDE 4 we want to ship in Lenny.

The rest of the packages that will go through NEW, but are not so important:

kdebase - NEW STUFF, kdebase-plasma package
kdegraphics- NEW STUFF, libkdcraw5, libkexiv2-6, libkipi5 packages.
kdeplasmoids - RENAME SOURCE from extragears-plasma
kdepim - RENAMED SOURCE from kde4pim, named in this way due to a 

Thank you!



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