Am Montag, 30. Juni 2008 schrieb Ana Guerrero:
> 20:17  <ana> what kde4 apps are we puhing:
> 20:17  <ana> okular, ktorrent? and?
> 20:17  <mukidohime> Why ktorrent?
> 20:18  <pinotree> because it's kool™
> 20:18  <mukidohime> It won't integrate with anything.
> 20:18  <ana> mukidohime: maintainers decision
> 20:18  <ana> since maintainer is cluefull it is ok on my side
> 20:18  <pinotree> mukidohime: okular neither :>
> 20:18  <ana> well, how it sounds?

I have been thinking about pushing the newer ktorrent into lenny for a while 
as well.  It does seem to work better in general and the old version is 
unmaintained upstream.  However, I have the feeling from vague observation 
that some parts don't really work or integrate well in a KDE 3 environment.  
This would need some more thorough testing, but if there is general interest 
I can address that some time (or someone else could!).


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