Wednesday 02 July 2008, Peter Eisentraut rašė:
>  However, I have the feeling from vague
> observation that some parts don't really work or integrate well in a KDE 3
> environment. 
I would like to hear what problems you have. Well, ktorrent 3.1 will obviously 
have look&field of KDE4 and it will not share cookies with KDE3 konqueror. 
Maybe MIME associations might be a problem (fixable).

However, old ktorrent will still be available in the ktorrent2.2 package (for 
people who don't want to pull 200mb+ of dependencies and run KDE4 daemons or 
can't live without RSS plugin) and I'll switch ktorrent package to 3.1 in 
unstable as soon ktorrent2.2 is in the archive.

> This would need some more thorough testing, but if there is
> general interest I can address that some time (or someone else could!).
I'm looking forward to your help on this one because I don't use KDE3 anymore. 
However, ktorrent 3.1 seems to work fine on Fluxbox.

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