Alle giovedì 03 luglio 2008, Modestas Vainius ha scritto:
> Thursday 03 July 2008, Ana Guerrero rašė:
> > I do not care at all about using +++ Name or [ Name ] but when more than
> > a person have worked in the package I like uploading it as a team upload
> > as we have done until now. So not ok about changing that.

Fully agree with this; as long as there's something "coherent" with the 
majority of ther packages in Debian, that's fine.

> 2) Now the second maintainer committing changes has to:
>   a) add +++ Changes by line for the first maintainer, which effectively
> means copy&pasting from the changelog maintainer field if 1st maitainer
> created a personal entry. A bit time consuming.
>   b) add "+++ Changes for My name". Pretty easy.
>   c) replace current changelog maintainer with Debian QT/KDE Maintainers.

Another (minor) disadvantage of changing "non-named" entries to "named" ones 
is reindenting the entries: not for the "hassle" of doing that, but also for 
the slightly "tampering" of the VCS "blame" feature.

> 2) Do not change anything until "team name in the changelog maintainer" is
> implemented in dch (Ana's wish).

My vote would go to this...

> 3) Disallow non-team name & address in the changelog mainainer field, hence
> everybody adds their own "+++ Changes by name". I can write svn hook which
> would enforce this rule. This will ensure that dch -m will always work
> properly for creating new changelog entries.

... but this proposal is basically b), just done manually, so +1 on this, too.
And, as long as a dch-like format is used, this should not be incompatible 
with b), I think.

We are a team, so let's act as team! :)

Pino Toscano

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