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PS: Michael, i have cc'ed you in case you have something interesting to say
wrt kpowerposave.

Obviously, as kpowersave maintainer, I would welcome the change to kpowersave. It were the limitations in klaptopdaemon, which originally made me to package kpowersave. I've been a happy user of kpowersave ever since. kpowersave, just as gnome-power-manager, uses HAL/pm-utils as backend, which is good. Because if there are problems with suspend/hibernate, we only have to fix it once. And I think the HAL/pm-utils architecture is much saner than the klaptopdaemon.
kpowersave also offers much more features than klaptopdaemon
(brightnesscontrol, auto shutdown, configurable power events, blacklists, power schemes, ...).

The only issue I can think of, is that users using kpowersave have to be in group powerdev (same problem applies to gnome-power-manager).

For fresh installations this is not much of a problem, as users created during installation are automatically added to the powerdev group. And it seems to have worked for gnome-power-manager, which was already shipped by default on a gnome installation for etch. So I don't expect to much problems here. Just something to keep in mind.

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