On Monday 18 August 2008 15:20:43 Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> There's no way around it: Akonadi needs MySQLd.


> The goal is to somehow allow Akonadi to do what it needs to do without
> requiring the user to mess around with MySQL configuration.  The Akonadi
> service can either start & manage its own mysqld (one instance per user),
> or it can share one mysqld (one instance per system).

Akonadi itself manages 1 instance pr user, shipping its own configcuration and 
so on.

> Currently mysqld is part of the mysql-server-* packages, which always
> installs init scripts for mysql, requires the user to set a root password,
> etc.
> So the options would seem to be:
>       1. Split out mysqld and minimal support files (without init scripts and
> such) and let Akonadi start it.

I wrote some days ago the mysql maintainer about how we could solve this.

Do you know how might I receive from the pin from X-Windows?

You cannot turn off the display on a hard disk for exploring with a system.

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