Hi folks,

I am just uploading kdelibs 3.5.10 and with this I am done with KDE 3 
for Lenny. Now we kind of can say Lenny is being released with 3.5.10,
but it will be only partially true :P

For the next month (actually take it like 4-6 weeks) I am not planning to
do any Debian stuff. The current status of the project got me frustrated, 
and I am going to take a time and doing another stuff I have in my TODO 
but kept postponing because Debian.

This means you will see me around sometimes, but do not expect work from me.
I won't work in KDE 4.1.3 (or 4.1.4) or start working in 4.2.0. (I am currently
using 4.2 in the computer where I use kde4, but it is built with kdesvn-trunk)
I will do the backports for the 4.1.x series, but it will take some time.

After this time, I will be at least resumming my work in koffice, and kde-l10n,
unless somebody uber-motivated wants to jump into taking caring of these 
I started looking after koffice due to Isaac's inactivity, but I have  to say 
I have ended using it more (due to my current work mostly), and I enjoy 
maintainting it. About kde-i18n/l10n, it was because it seemed nobody else
was interested in the team. It is a huge package, but really easy to maintain.
It is more like somebody who does not mind in uploading it.

About the rest of KDE stuff, i still have to make my mind about it.
And yes, I am really hoping we would have released by the end of the year.



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