I have merged Kubuntu's kdeaccessibility package with Debian's.
The diff can be found here: 
The diff is so huge because somebody backported the python plasma 
script engine from trunk. But other than that and some other Kubuntu-
specific changes, the following differences may be of interest to Debian:

-Add pam files for kscreensaver and kcheckpass (See 
-We added hal to Required-Start/stop in kdm.init, dunno if Debian wants 
to do this or not
-Update existing S99kdm (from previous 4:4.x) or S13kdm (from KDE 3
    installations) to S30kdm (See https://launchpad.net/bugs/256261)
-Line 176 of libplasma-dev.install has 176 trailing whitespace characters

Jonathan Thomas


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