>> I have merged Kubuntu's kdebase-runtime package with Debian's. The
>> diff can be found here: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/19462001/debian-to-
>> merged.debdiff

>> Of the differences between the two packages, I think that probably only
>> the htdig dash incompatibility patch would be of interest to Debian.

>This can be general, not only Debian's.

Ok, Harald Sitter was the author of the dash patch. He has commit access I 
think, so I'll ask him to commit it.

>- kubuntu_03_knetattach_use_sftp.diff
>this looks like an horrid hack: the connection type is still labelled
>as "Fish", while really does an sftp connection  (the two are different, 
>The real fix would be adding sftp as new type (KDE bug #120669).

Coincidentally, Harald is also the author of this patch. I am CC'ing him; 
maybe he would want to fix the problem for real upstream rather than with this 
patch. :-) (Although I probably shouldn't volunteer people to do work I 
wouldn't want to do myself... eheh)


Jonathan Thomas


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