penktadienis 07 Lapkritis 2008, Matthias rašė:
> I tried to start amarok from within gdb, but I have "only 380 MBytes" of
> RAM, and this attempt locked the whole system swapping. Because the
> harddisk is dog slow, swapping doesn't really make sense, so I terminated
> this attempt after watching a few minutes.
If it ends up swapping when you run Amarok under gdb directly, backtrace with 
KDE Crash Handler won't be any easier. It will need the same amount of RAM if 
not more to generate a backtrace.

I recommend to report the steps how to reproduce the bug to Amarok developers 
(which you did).

> Do you have an idea why the Crash Handler can't create the backtrace? Or do
> you have another proposal on how I could get the backtrace?
There may be many reasons. Make sure you installed packages recommended by 

The most reliable way to get the backtrace is:

$ gdb --args amarok --nofork
(gdb) run
<crash amarok>
(gdb) bt

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