On Sunday 09 November 2008 05:30:43 Michal Ng wrote:
> Hi,
> just installed KDE using a CD from "Official CD/DVD images of the "testing"
> distribution (regenerated weekly)"
> updated sources.list to lenny and noticed that there is 300MB+ of download
> (thought that the CD is up-to-date)
> trying to get just a basic desktop instead of the many apps that I will not
> be using and got some removing kde message -
> googled and found your page (faq page)
> http://pkg-kde.alioth.debian.org/faq.html.
> I wanted to reinstall debian and just to be sure, am I right to just :
> - download the netinst CD
> - select only "x-window-system-core" and "kde-core" somewhere near the end
> the installation process
> or is there a direct command at the very beginning where I can just key in
> to customize the install.

Once you get the base install, in a console as root:

aptitude install x-window-system-core kde-core

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