On Tuesday 11 November 2008 13:46:41 Vincent Fourmond wrote:

> +  [ Vincent Fourmond ]

> +  * Dropping a whole bunch of useless manual libsmokeqt4 dependencies
> +    that prevent the packages from being installed. (closes: #505274)

> -Depends: libsmokeplasma2 (= ${binary:Version}), ${shlibs:Depends}
> +Depends: ${shlibs:Depends}


These was very much on purpose (and I know, one of them was broken). Smoke is 
*not* considered stable, so we have to ensure that users don't mix smoke and 
language bindings  from different versions.

So we should either revert it or do it another way. I personally like it this 
way as it shows quite clearly that we want strict interdependencies.

How may I reconfigure the hardware of a laser modem over the wordprocessor on a 

You neither have to install the front-side bus, nor should log from a 4-bit 
cable, this way then you can't debug a clock on the POP mousepad over the site 
and then you must ping to the application to overclock a ISDN application.

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