I am the kdeedu release maintainer which means that I should help 
solving any
problem regarding the building of the applications within the kdeedu module.

Recently I got bug reports from Ubuntu users regarding KHangMan crashing
because the data was not installed with it. KHangMan package did not 
depend on
KHangMan data. After communicating with some of your team members, we 
to find a solution where we grouped all .kvtml data in a data/ subdir 
and made
KHangMan and Kanagram depend on it from cmake.
I'd like to know if the debian 4.2 beta packages are now following this 
and if
you are happy with this solution.

I am also reported a problem regarding Marble.
As I gather, you make 4 packages from Marble: marble, libmarble4, libmarble-
devel and marble-data and unfortunately libmarble4 does not depend on 
data. Libmarble4 MUST depend on marble-data and cannot work without this 
Please tell me what to change in Marble cmake lists or in code in order to
make this evident.
Do we need to add some
in our cmake files? Anything else we can do?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion to solve this,



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