Hello, John! Thanks for your interest in trying Debian and its KDE4

There is not, at the moment, a Debian CD image that includes KDE4.
However, we recommend that you use a regular Debian image to install
Lenny, and then install KDE4 on top of it.

You can download a Debian CD image for Lenny from:


That image will include KDE 3. You can read how to install KDE4 on the
installed system on:


At the moment, packages for KDE 4.1 are provided.

Take into account that KDE 4.2 is scheduled to be realased soon, an that
it's a vast improvement over 4.1. I'm told, however, that it's not clear
at the moment when there will be 4.2 packages available for Lenny, or if
that will happen at all.

Good luck with your migration to Free Software, and remember not to
abandon if after all you find Debian not to be the most appropriate
choice for you: there's plenty of distributions to choose from, though
we really hope you stay with us!


--- John Shewsbury [Thu, 22 Jan 2009 10:18:06 +0000]:

> Hello there,

> I am currently a Windows Vista user but I really want to try (and
> hopefully migrate to) KDE.

> I've been searching around but I failed to get the "iso" file of KDE
> so that I can download them easily and burn it into a cd - thus much
> easier to install.

> Is there any website that you know can provide this "all in one
> installer" - just like what Ubuntu.com offered on their website;

> http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download

> Look forward to your reply. 

> Thank you

> John Shewsbury

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