I meant Squeeze and not Lenny for sure.

On Tuesday 03 February 2009 22:53:42 Armin Berres wrote:
> Hi all!
> As you all know Lenny is near, which also means that our 4.2 packages will
> enter Unstable in the very near future. Until today, we still have not
> decided how to handle KDEHOME.
> The current situation is, that KDE 3 applications use ~/.kde and KDE 4
> applications use ~/.kde4. The problem with this approach is, that no
> data/settings are automatically converted to be used by KDE 4.
> The question is now: should we
> a) continue to use ~/.kde4 for KDE 4 applications
> b) use ~/.kde for KDE 4 applications.
> The problem with a) is, that as mentioned no data is is moved to KDE 4. The
> problem with b) is, that we don't know for sure, if all upgrade scripts
> work and users don't loose critical data. Apart from that users already
> using KDE 4 won't find their settings copied.
> (Add here more pros and cons for either option.)
> To overcome this, we had the following idea in IRC: Provide a little Qt
> application which starts at the first KDE 4 start and allows the users to
> copy their KDEHOMEs around.
> In case we would use ~/.kde for KDE 4 the script could offer to create a
> backup in ~/.kde3 so lost data can be reverted if anything goes wrong.
> If we continue to use ~/.kde4 the application could offer to copy ~/.kde to
> ~/.kde4.
> Non-KDE users are a bit lost here, we could document what to copy where.
> So, which options do you see? What would you prefer?
> Don't forget that we have to decide/code all this before we upload kde4libs
> to unstable.
> Greetings,
> Armin


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