El Tuesday 10 February 2009 08:55:13 Ana Guerrero escribió:
> I can do some of the changes/improvments mentioned above. For the rest,
> specially people reading this for first time, what do you think?

I guess I fall into this category (by the way, hi all, I'm not dead, just 
trying to graduate :-) )

> This section should contain (much) more info.... at least if we want people
> packaging things correctly.
> The "some people prefers..." is somehow personal and it should not be in a
> policy text written in this way.

IMO, all other remarks are minor compared to this one. The more info in here, 
the better for newbies and/or people with terrible slow learning curves 
(a.k.a. me).

Regards, Lisandro.

Videogames do not influence kids. I mean, if Pac-Man influenced our
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Lisandro Damián Nicanor Pérez Meyer

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