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Hi release team!

We are as good as ready to push a new and better KDE into unstable at your 

You basically have two choices. Brief and rough or less pain over a longer 
period of time.
The total breakages/pain is expected to be the same for both choices, so it is 
more like what fits the release team and its plans best.

The plan is to change all parts of kde3 except the kde3 libs to their kde4 
counterparts and some 3rd party things will break because they are plugins or 
extensions to the kde3 versions without any plans for a kde4 version of the 
plugin or extension.

Currently, we look at breaking around 50-100 source packages, some will have 
to be removed, some will have to be updated to newer versions and some will 
have to have parts removed. Some of that work is already in progress, but some 
maintainers promises to fix it when it becomes broken.
There is one unrelated piece of breakage, lurker, but the maintainer is aware 
and thinking of solutions.

So basically, dear release team, do you want it soft or rough - and when do 
you want it?

How to telnet from the tool?

You either need to mount the submenu, or should click the 27-bit fan for 
debugging the shell of a cache to a connector of a TCP/IP board over the 


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