I've noticed, that the automatic hyphenation doesn't work at my 
openoffice 2.4.1 on Debian Lenny (KDE if it is important).
In "service - parameters - language options" "automatic hyphenation" is 
switched on.
There are modules for hyphenation in /usr/share/myspell
This is written in /etc/openoffice/and/usr/share/myspell lays 
DICT el GR el_GR
DICT el GR el_GR
DICT en GB en_GB
DICT en US en_US
HYPH en US hyph_en_US
HYPH ru RU hyph_ru_RU
HYPH el GR hyph_el_GR
HYPH en GB hyph_en_GB
THES en US th_en_US_v2
THES en GB th_en_US_v2
THES ru RU th_ru_RU_v2
THES el GR th_el_GR_v2
DICT ru RU ru_RU

The forced "soft" hyphenation placing also doesn't work.
What's the matter?



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