KDevPlatform has apparantly just been uploaded building the following binary 

kdevplatform - KDevelop platform for KDE4
kdevplatform-dbg - debugging symbols for the KDevelop platform
kdevplatform-dev - development files for the KDevelop platform
libsublime-dev - development files for the sublime user interface library
libsublime1 - an user interface library

where the first among others contain the following files as shared libraries:


and the kdevplatform-dev package offers headers and .so symlinks for these 

This is wrong according to how libraries are traditionally packaged in kde 
team, wrong according to how libraries are traditionally packaged in debian 
and wrong according to debian policy.

Stuffing the libraries together in one package do probably make sense here, 
like in the kdelibs5 and kdepimlibs5 packages, but naming the package without 
a version number is the major problem.

If one day, any of the libkdevplatform* libraries changes ABI, the package 
name must change and the "kdevplatform" name can not be used for this.

This also breaks it for future major versions of KDE, where the abi is 
actually changing. I know this is far in the future and that the Debian KDE 
team most probably is different then, but it does not give us the right to 
deliver a pile of crap on their tables when we have the possibility to avoid 

Oh. and policy section 8 if you want that.

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