I forgot to mention that pkg-kde-tools was changed to install docs
into /usr/share/doc/kde.  This makes it compatible with KDE 3 docs
path.  It does mean we have to edit a lot of packages though so it
might change.

Not much of interest to Debian in kde4libs I think,
kubuntu_62_flash_installer.diff might be nice.


  * Merge with Debian, remaining changes:
   - no build-dep on libaspell-dev
   - no build-dep on libfam-dev
   - kdelibs5-dev do not install preparetips (included in
   - add binary-install/kdelibs5-data rule, build-dep on sharutils
and copy over debian/icons
   - kdelibs5-dev replaces libkjsembed-dev
   - set export KUBUNTU_DESKTOP_POT=kdelibs
   - kubuntu_01_no_translate_pc_dir.diff: Launchpad translations
   - kubuntu_04_add_langpack_path.diff: Launchpad translations
   - kubuntu_06_user_disk_mounting.diff: mount disks with sudo
   - kubuntu_07_apport_not_drkonqi.diff: use apport if turned on
   - kubuntu_19_no_indent_kickoff_subtext.diff: don't indent kickoff
   - kubuntu_51_launchpad_integration.diff: Launchpad Help menu items
   - kubuntu_56_langpacks_desktop_files.diff: Launchpad translations
for .desktop files
   - kubuntu_62_flash_installer.diff: Flash installer for Konqueror
   - kubuntu_64_rosetta_translation.diff: Warn users translations go
through Launchpad
   - kubuntu_67_cmake_install_paths.diff: force default install paths
to ours (probably not needed)
   - kubuntu_68_oxygen_tabbar_text_hint.diff: fix text/icon overlap
in arora tabs
  * Really remove kubuntu_11_fix_openwithdialog.diff, fixed upstream
  * Remove kubuntu_19_always_show_kickoff_subtext.diff to
  * Remove kubuntu_66_store_password_text.diff, fixed upstream (in
  * Remove
kubuntu_69_do_not_show_plasma_popups_over_screensaver.diff, replaced
with 01_no_plasma_popup_over_screensaver_r956998.diff from Debian
  * Remove kubuntu_54_use_xdg_menu_prefix.diff, now
11_default_kde4_xdg_menu_prefix.diff from Debian
  * Don't recommend on kaboom
  * Remove kdelibs5.preinst kdelibs5.templates, we've already done
KDEHOME transition
  * Update kubuntu_62_flash_installer.diff for new package name
  * Change docs location to /usr/share/doc/kde
  * Link from /usr/share/doc/kde4 to kde for backwards compatible
with old docs location


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