Quite a few Kubuntu patches here, kubuntu_60_low_disk_space.diff comes
from SuSE (who havn't found time to send it upstream) and comes in
useful when Qt compiles cause my hard disk to fill up.

pam files for kscreensaver and kcheckpass might be useful to Debian.

  * Merge with Debian, remaining changes:
   - kubuntu_10_turn_on_kwin_compositing.diff, use script from compiz
  to determine if compositing should be used
   - kubuntu_11_fix_root_only_kcms.diff, allow systemsettings modules
  to use root
   - kubuntu_13_startkde_set_country.diff, set locale on startup if
  not already set by KDE
   - kubuntu_19_always_show_kickoff_subtext.diff, show name text on
  kickoff menu for all items
   - kubuntu_33_kdm_bulletproof_x.diff, use bulletproof X when X fails
   - kubuntu_52_gtk2_engines_qtcurve_config.diff, use qtcurve for gtk
   - kubuntu_55_add_dontzap_option.diff, add tickbox for dontzap to X
  kcontrol module
   - kubuntu_56_solid_changes_kdebluetooth.diff, kdebluetooth from
   - kubuntu_59_fix_klipper_firefox_actions.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_60_low_disk_space.diff, low disk space notifier from suse
   - kubuntu_61_suspend_buttons.diff, use consistent text, sent
   - kubuntu_63_ksplash_fix.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_65_solid_dataengine_diskspace_fix.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_66_fix_KDE_bug_185418_crash.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_67_fix_systemmonitor_plasmoid_config.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_70_fix_widescreen_kdm_theme.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_71_default_plasma_layout.diff add default widgets to
   - kubuntu_72_remove_startkde_cruft.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_73_ksysguard_search_box_fix.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_74_kickoff_default_favourites.diff, add favourites to
  kickoff menu
   - kubuntu_75_fix_shellrunner_crash.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_76_disable_dim_for_polkit.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_77_fix_autohide_glowbar_flicker.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_78_krunner_history_combobox_palette.diff, from trunk
   - kubuntu_79_fix_small_screensavers.diff, from trunk
   - Keep kdebase-workspace-wallpapers package to save disk space
   - Recommend compiz-wrapper for its videocard blacklist
   - Keep dummy kwin package
   - Add pam files for kscreensaver and kcheckpass (LP: #278842)
   - Add kdebase-workspace-bin.preinst for hardy x-session-manager
   - Keep hal in Required-Start and Required-Stop for kdm.init
   - Keep update for existing S99kdm (from previous 4:4.x) or S13kdm
     KDE 3 installations) to S30kdm in kdm.postinst and change
  following update-rc.d from 99 to 30
   - Don't install klipper.desktop so it stays hidden
   - Do not put multicolored Oxygen cursors in oxygencursors.install
  * Remove kubuntu_12_kubuntu_homepage.diff, there is no branding
  button now
  * 07_kdmrc_defaults.diff edited and renamed
  07_kdmrc_defaults_kubuntu.diff  s/Debian/Kubuntu/
  * Disable 20_use_dejavu_as_default_font.diff  Kubuntu - system
  default better (usually dejavu anyway
  * Disable 22_execute_ktrash4.diff    Kubuntu - we don't rename
  * Disable 26_run_kaboom_when_starting_kde.diff  Kubuntu - already
  done KDEHOME foo
  * Drop kubuntu_58_drop_pykde_dep.diff, now
  23_do_not_depend_on_bindings.diff from Debian
  * Don't depend on kaboom for kdebase-workspace-bin
  * Don't depend on libggadget-1.0-dev, libggadget-qt-1.0-dev.  Not in
  * Don't build plasma-scriptengine-googlegadgets
  * Install files for free space notifier


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