This uses libindi 0.6 instead of indi 0.5 (obsolete according to
upstream).  Also updated separate libsbigudrv-dev from indi.

A python-marble package is added for the python bindings for the
marble widget.

+    - Conflict/Replace on -kde4 packages
+    - Build-Depends: cdbs (>= 0.4.52ubuntu7), libgmm-dev,
+      libqalculate-dev, libsbigudrv-dev
+    - kdeedu not depend on kiten, blinken (in universe), indi (kstars
+    - kturtle description - change to be more reflective of
pseudo-logo language
+    - remove indi from kdeedu (external package)
+    - Drop openbabel, libgsl0-dev and libgps-dev build-deps (they are
in universe)
+    - Keep python marble bindings


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