+ Leopold Palomo Avellaneda (Tue, 14 Apr 2009 13:24:25 +0200):

> A Diumenge 05 Abril 2009, Ana Guerrero va escriure:
> > bulmages-common depends on kpdf that is going away RSN with kde3 being
> > replaced with kde4. Your package will become uninstallable then.

> Bulmages upstream is doing a big restructuring. So, the package in sid will 
> be 
> non operative soon. When upstream stabilizes their code (I hope soon) I will 
> try to commit a new package, erasing (and adding) the dependency correctly,

> I leave this bug as pending. Thanks to report it.

This is your choice, but not fixing it means your package will have to
be removed from testing as soon as KDE4 is ready to migrate without
further notice. If you prefer, you can make an upload just changing the
dependency, that should suffice.


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