Hi people!

Now that we have KDE 4 in testing and unstable the stream of bugreports
won't stop and we are on a good way to completely using the overview again
quite fast. It is not even easily possible to find the real packaging bugs
between the upstream bugs.
What do you think about usertagging bugreports as soon as they are reported?
I can right now think of three different tags which could make sense:
1) packaging-bug: These bugs are our fault and should be addressed by us.
2) needs-forwarding: These are upstream bugs and someone should forward
them. Once they are tagged like this it could be e.g. a junior job to
report these bugs upstream, mark them as forwarded and remove the tag.
Question: Do we need this tag or is the official upstream tag enough? If
the bts allows us to show all upstream bugs which are not forwarded
tagging them as upstream is enough, otherwise we need the tag.
3) Bugs which are not clearly 1) or 2) and need further checking.

What do you think?
We could write as a little script which uses the bts command to make
tagging as easy as possible.



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