On Jueves 02 Julio 2009 18:28:08 Sune Vuorela escribió:
> Hi!
> (mail style: brief, but friendly)
> If any of you have big plans for packaigng changes regarding kde4.3.0, now
> is the time to speak up with your plans and a timeline for accomplishing it
> and/or mentioning what help you need from others to accomplish it.
> Especially plans that requires NEW caused by packaging changes, and not
> caused by "new applications", or things that in general can cause breakages
> that we need to care about.
> My plans:
> Split kdebase-workspace-libs4+5 in seperate libraries. Done mostly by
> Martin Alfke with a bit additional cleanup by George Kiagiadakis and
> Modestas Vainius
> Kdebindings:
> pc files for the mono bindings, more mono packages.
> Split out krosspython and krossruby (antd other krossthings) to separate
> packages.


Though I do not strongly oppose it, I think that making kross.* packages is 
overdoing it a little.  It would be a one file package for a kdelibs library. I 
think it fits right in libkde4-ruby1.8, where you do expect to find KDE ruby 
libraries. I would like to consider other split for that package:  
«libsoprano-ruby» to remove a dependency on the libkde4-ruby1.8 package


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