On šeštadienis 07 Lapkritis 2009 14:37:03 Harald Sitter wrote:
> So, upstream is not planning on pushing it back to kdemm, indeed upstream
> thinks that with proper distro support (i.e. fast package updates I
>  suppose) there is no reason why he would want to move it to kdemm since
>  extragear allows for a much more felxible release management anyway.
> I suppose that makes bumping acceptable?
> (btw, I completely agree with the statement about different epochs :))

Well, then I personally have no problem with that. But maybe I'm not the right 
person to ask because if kaudiocreator is no longer (and is not going to be) 
in official KDE, my interest about it ends right here as I'm not going to 
maintain it anyway :)

However, generally speaking, you don't have much choice anyway since "fancy 
'really'" version number (esp. of already epoched version) makes even less 

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