Quite a big one this.

We add .pam files for kscreensaver and checkpass, this works around
users who change their pam.d/others file

kubuntu_11_fix_root_only_kcms.diff makes KDM and other kcontrol
modules work

kubuntu_13_startkde_set_country.diff picks up the system locale if
it's not set by KDE

kubuntu_60_low_disk_space.diff gives a handy warning

kubuntu_95_klipper_wakeup_fix.diff helps with interrupts

patches/powerdevil-suspend-dialogue increases the timeout on the "your
computer is about to suspend, better find a power socket quick"

wallpapers are put into a separate kdebase-workspace-wallpapers
package to save space

kdm.logrotate only saves two days of logs, we had complaints about too

We use python support for the python bits

Other bits are less likely to be interesting.  upstart support,
network manager upgrade script, plasma defaults changes, ayatana
notifications, netbook support.



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