2010/5/1 Modestas Vainius <modes...@vainius.eu>:
> Hello,
> On šeštadienis 01 Gegužė 2010 01:06:51 Praveen A wrote:
>> I have made a package and uploaded it to mentors.d.o
>> http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/l/libdbusmenu-qt/
>> This is my first Debian package, looking for a sponsor now. Since it
>> is a kdelibs dependency may be it is better to maintain it as a group.
> It is quite good for the first package yet not perfect:
> 1) Vcs-* fields in debian/control refer to packaging Vcs, not upstream Vcs.
> 2) CMakeLists.txt has nothing to do with docs. Please remove it from
> debian/docs.
> 3) Your libdbusmenu-qt-dev.dirs and libdbusmenu-qt2.dirs are redundant.
> 4) Too loose wildcard in libdbusmenu-qt2.install. When library soname changes,
> you won't notice. Please make sure that soname is actually embedded in the
> install file rather than covered by wildcard.
> 5) Your debian/post{inst,rm} are redundant. debhelper (dh_makeshlibs) will
> take care of this.
> 6) Replace shlibs.local with dh_makeshlibs override (use -V to generate
> necessary shlibs). shlibs.local does not do what you want here.
> 7) Remove "it is example" boilerplates from debian/rules and debian/watch.
> 8) Main section of the package should be libs rather than libdevel.
> 9) Do not repeat the same section for the binary package if it is already
> specified as a main section.
> 10) qmake buildsystem support was introduced late in the debhelper 7.3 or 7.4
> cycle. Check debhelper changelog which minimum debhelper version you need to
> build depend upon.

Thanks for the review. I will update the package with these changes.

> As for maintainership, yeah, it would be great (since you will need
> sponsoring) if this package was maintained under an umbrella of Debian Krap
> Maintainers <debian-qt-...@lists.debian.org> and you as Uploader. You will
> need to use either Git or Svn as packaging VCS. Create a new account on
> alioth.debian.org (if you don't have one) and request to join pkg-kde alioth
> group. You may also join us at irc://irc.debian.org/#debian-qt-kde

I'm already a member of pkg-kde (pravi-guest). I have uploaded this
version to krap svn. I will make the suggested changes in svn.

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