While packaging kdemultimedia 4.5 I was forced to create a new package
for ffmpegthumbs. However, Pino suggested that perhaps thumbnailers
should have a more standard name, like kde-thumbnailer-foo and we
started a discussion about the naming, which didn't really result

Currently there are other thumbnailers in kde-sc packages in:
kdebase-runtime: jpeg, image, html, exr, djvu, cursor, comicbook
kdebase-workspace-bin: font
kuiviewer (kdesdk): qui
kdegraphics-strigi-plugins: gs, mobi, raw (completely misplaced here)

The idea was to invent a standard naming so that we could split out
the thumbnailers from kdegraphics-strigi-plugins, as they are
completely misplaced there. I also think that the qui thumbnailer
could be out of kuiviewer (as it doesn't use it, it uses QFormLoader

My personal opinion after the discussion we had is to move
thumbnailers from kdegraphics and kdesdk in <module>-kio-plugins,
since thumbnailers are actually plugins for KIO::PreviewJob, thus
related to KIO, and for thumbnailers that need to be independent due
to their heavy dependencies (like mplayerthumbs and ffmpegthumbs), I
propose them to called kde-thumbnailer-<something>. In this case, call
them kde-thumbnailer-video-<ffmpeg/mplayer> and make them both provide
a virtual kde-thumbnailer-video package (they both provide the same
thing and it doesn't make much sesne to install them together,
although they do not conflict).

Any thoughts?



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