I believe the 4.5.1 packages I have built are ok for a public release
to qt-kde.debian.net, with the usual rules that apply to this
repository. I am quite satisfied myself as a 4.5.1 user and since many
people have been waiting more than a month for these packages, I
believe it's about time to reward them for their patience. So, I want
to ask you, is it ok for everybody else in the team if I proceed with
this release?

Also, I will need some technical details on how to upload packages
there and how to update the news. Of course, if anybody else wants to
help with it, he is welcome, but I don't want it to be an extra burden
for others, so I volunteer to do it all myself.

About the packages, there are some less important packages that are
not yet built (kdeadmin, kdeaccessibility, kdetoys, kdewebdev,
kdemultimedia and kdebindings). I don't think they are much important
for now so they could be skipped. I also don't intend to upload
kdepim* betas and kdegames (for now; santa reported there are more
missing files that need to be put in new packages and I haven't looked
at it yet). Everything else is good to go, possibly together with
binNMUs of ktorrent, kmess and konq-plugins (which depend on libraries
that have broken ABI).



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