It's merging season here at Kubuntu.  If you find it useful I'll send
differences between our packages and Debian's highlighting anything
that might be interesting for Debian.

In our Qt package we still build QtWebkit but don't ship it (separate
source package used for that).  This is so QtAssisstant uses QtWebkit
not a basic HTML widget.

A default Trolltech.conf file is added to load the KDE plugins path by
default, this means it can find the Oxygen theme (loading a KDE
application will add this so it's only useful for non-KDE users who
load non-KDE Qt applications).

There's a couple patches from our Chinese developers including
switching to ibus support.

We build with lzma to save CD space.

We also had a patch review session with Thiago at the Ubuntu summit
and many of the patches can go upstream, some can be dropped, notes at

  * Merge with Debian, remaining changes:
    - Do not package firebird and ibase packages, remove from
  debian/rules and
    - libqt4-sql-ibase not recommend for libqt4-sql
    - libqtgui4: suggest, not recommend, qt4-qtconfig
    - build with -no-phonon
    - do not build libqt4-phonon, disable in debian/control
    - Build packages with lzma compression using the dh addon from
    - Rules to remove po dir in clean
    - Add
    - Rules to create link to and rules to
  create po
      dir and exectue in
    - Make libqt4-dev depend on libx11-dev
    - In debian/rules Set DEB_HOST_ARCH and
  DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS. Configure with
      "-arch armv6" option on ARM
    - Add and install Trolltech.conf in libqtcore4.install
    - Build QtWebkit and use it only for QtAssistant
      + Rule to put qt_webkit_version.pri in mkspecs/modules
      + Rule to remove libQtWebKit* after build
      + Exclude usr/bin/assistant-qt4 from dh_shlibdeps
    - kubuntu_08_add_missing_bold_style.diff to make qt support bold
  style CJK
    - kubuntu_09_use_ft_glyph_embolden_to_fake_bold.diff to make qt
      bold style CJK fonts
    - kubuntu_10_ibus_input_method.diff to change default input method
    - kubuntu_12_fix_stack_protector.diff restore the stack protector
      compiler flag (LP: #538237).
    - kubuntu_15_appmenu.diff  from Aurelien Gateau, adds support
      for external menu bars exported over dbus
    - kubuntu_16_qt-designer-toplevel-mode-menubar.diff from Aurelien
      Gateau to keep designer working with global menu when in
    - kubuntu_17_enable_qtwebkit_for_qtassistant.diff Build QtWebkit
      QtAssistant is able to link 
      against it. (LP: #624697)
    - kubuntu_18_fix_qtreeview_regression.diff
    - kubuntu_19_gtkstyle_inactive_background.diff fixes
      'GTK style: Wrong foreground color for selected item when
    - kubuntu_20_gtkstyle_tabwidget_focus.diff fixes
     'Tab focus incorrectly drawn with Ubuntu Ambience theme'
    - kubuntu_21_fix_phantom_cursor.diff cursor would disappear after
      attempting to paste something
    - Fix Lucid -> Maverick upgrade (LP: #652029) libqt4-help replaces
      libqtcore4 (<< 4:4.7.0)


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