Here's the notes from a patch review session we had with Thiago and a
couple of other Qt people at the Ubuntu summit last month.

I've reported several of the patches upstream 

0180-window-role.diff, 0209-prevent-qt-mixing.diff, 
0216-allow-isystem-for-headers.diff can be dropped
07_trust_dpkg-arch_over_uname-m.diff sune wasn't sure but can likely
be dropped
09_qmake_lflags_as-needed.diff can probably be dropped

 * 0180-window-role.diff  - rejected by upstream, unnecessary KDE apps
have names already
 * 0195-compositing-properties.diff  - Qt will take a look
 * 0209-prevent-qt-mixing.diff  - should be dropped
 * 0216-allow-isystem-for-headers.diff  - mac only skip it
 * 0225-invalidate-tabbar-geometry-on-refresh.patch - fine, should go
upstream, needs someone in Qt who understands it
 * 07_trust_dpkg-arch_over_uname-m.diff  - "we have no idea what it
does" "ask sune"
 * 08_configure_quilt_compat.diff - not going to be accepted upstream
 * 09_qmake_lflags_as-needed.diff  - "probably very old" "we should
respect LDFLAGS" "could be patch is old" can probably be dropped
 * 10_config_tests_fixes.diff  - "no clue why this was needed" a
 * 11_build_translations.diff - dunno
 * 12_add_nostrip_for_debug_packages.diff - "think it has changed in
4.7" it's the separate debug info option, no separate debug now
default" "it shouldn't strip, report to Qt"
 * 13_fix_prl_files_dont_link_entire_world.diff.disabled - already
fixed with libs private, disabled
 * 15_fix_qmake_makefile_generation.diff - needs test case and
reported to Qt
 * 16_hide_std_symbols_on_qtwebkit.diff - makes sense but not a
complete solution, thiago has bug open that will allow to use symbols
better, needs reported to qt webkit
 * 17_add_postgresql_8.3_support.diff - "there is absolutely no need
for this patch" "not using any feature of postgres 8.3 8.4 it's not
necessary" "do submit it"
 * 18_enable_qt3support_qtwebkit_debug_info.diff - talk to david
faure, if he wants it then it goes in
 * 20_install_qvfb.diff - "won't be accepted" they will probably
modularise qvfb out and package separately
 * 21_qt_ia32_library_path.diff - not going to go upstream
 * 22_use___GLIBC__.diff - could be upstreamed, makes sence if you
just define if __GLIBC__
 * 30_webkit_unaligned_access.diff - don't know
 * 40_alpha_ice.diff - sounds like a gcc bug, could be accepted but
would rather not
 * 41_disable_opengl_visibility.diff - as above
 * 50_kfreebsd_Q_OS.diff - we can accept
 * 51_kfreebsd_strnstr_build_fix.diff - is reported upstream
 * 70_hppa_ldcw_fix.diff - 
 * 71_hppa_unaligned_access_fix_458133.diff - 
 * 80_hurd_max_path.diff - 
 * 89_powerpc_opts.diff - 
 * 91_s390_use_gstabs.diff - 
 * 92_armel_gcc43_valist_compat.diff - "interesting, e-mail it to me
 * 96_webkit_no_gc_sections.diff - 
 * kubuntu_10_ibus_input_method.diff - create a task for us to
 * kubuntu_12_fix_stack_protector.diff - when JIT is enabled we
compile with no-stack-protector, "sounds like something that got
forgotten" "send us an e-mail to remind us"
 * kubuntu_15_appmenu.diff - agateau already getting upstream
 * kubuntu_16_qt-designer-toplevel-mode-menubar.diff - merge request
on this one
 * kubuntu_17_enable_qtwebkit_for_qtassistant.diff - we will fix this
with modularisation
 * kubuntu_18_fix_qtreeview_regression.diff - from upstream
 * kubuntu_19_gtkstyle_inactive_background.diff -  from upstream
 * kubuntu_20_gtkstyle_tabwidget_focus.diff -  from upstream
 * kubuntu_21_fix_phantom_cursor.diff -  from upstream
 * kubuntu_90_webkit_htmlxml_gb_gb18030_detect.diff - report to webkit


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