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> 2. [ Library level ]. Change library SONAME (e.g. add debN suffix,
> specifics to be discussed) and rename the package. No Breaks/Replaces
> needed as there are no conflicting files.

As an amendment to this plan, we could start versioning the symbols of BIC-
prone libraries (i.e. basically everything not kde*libs). This would help us 
avoid the following con:

> b) if conflicting libraries are loaded in the same app memory space
> (unlikely though), it might lead to crashes at runtime;

It's still an open question how much symbol versioning would affect people 
building from source (e.g. kde developers or kdesrc-build users). What's more, 
it's still unknown how much effort (i.e. upstream code patching) this would 

If we were to move forward with this plan, we need to agree about naming of 
custom SOVERSION and symbol versions. Please respond to this mail even if it 
was a short yes/no answer with small remarks. My proposal would be:

SOVERSION: ${upsteamSOVERSION}debN (where N is a number (starting from 1) 
bumped after each BIC-without-SONAME-bump)

symbol versions: DEB_${upsteamSOVERSION}[_N] where N is the same as above if 
there was at least one BIC-without-SONAME-bump. Otherwise _N part would be 
omitted. Whereas symbol versioning could be avoided if there was no BIC-
without-SONAME-bump, is an open technical question (that would be somewhat 
more binary compatible with the rest of world, at least temporary).

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