Dear fellow Qt/KDE team members,
inspired by what Cyril Brulebois' DXN posts about news in the X world, I was
wondering whether we wouldn't want the same for Qt/KDE? I'd volunteer to write
these news, but would rely on you to point me to interesting bits and pieces (if
you have some polished text ready, I won't complain ;) ), just drop me a note at
[0] and it'll be part of the next news post. As Cyril I'd post this on my blog
(available at [1]), which is planet.d.o syndicated and should reach a lot of 

Let me know whether you find this a good idea or not. If the general opinion is
in favour I'd start the series with a post about dhmk and getting rid of Qt3 in
a few days, if you have other stuff you'd like to see in that post, write to 
If the majority of you think this is a bad idea, I won't proceed.

Kind regards,
Kai Wasserbäch

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[1] <url:>


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