On šeštadienis 04 Birželis 2011 20:31:50 Neil Williams wrote:
> I'm restarting work on TDebs (at request of the release team and
> others) and I'm also doing some work using Qt on Emdebian, including
> usage of QtLinguist and this is likely to result in at least outline
> support for Qt translations files in TDebs.
> The DEP is a bit out of date - the changes at Alioth seem to have
> interfered with my commits. I'm working on new scripts to build the
> TDebs themselves.
> http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep4
> Package maintainers will already have libqt4-dev installed but
> translation updates using lupdate and lrelease would be needed in order
> for translation teams to provide TDeb updates to existing packages
> without requiring a binary rebuild.
> What would be the chances of qt4-x11 providing yet another binary
> package which only provides lupdate and lrelease?

Of course, why not. Just turn this mail into a bug report so it does not get 

> (Installing libqt4-dev in a sid pbuilder chroot involves 44 newly
> installed packages and 34.9 MB of archives (with Recommends turned off).
> Now some of those would be installed on translator machines but quite a
> lot would not - especially the other -dev packages.)
> Just trying to gauge the impact of using TDebs with Qt. I'm aware that
> KDE packages may have differing translation mechanisms, this is more
> about packages which just use Qt or which are not part of KDE directly.

KDE uses gettext (*.mo files etc.). POT files are generated from source files 
with some KDE specific tool.

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