On Wednesday 15 June 2011 07:52:44 Fathi Boudra wrote:
> Some facts:
> - Debian Qt/KDE maintainers are involved upstream by providing patches
> and support for non-popular architectures.
> - Our work is the base for a popular Linux distribution (namely
> Ubuntu) and benefit to a larger community than Debian itself.
> - We're working actively to provide the best Qt support on ARM
> architecture (see the work done on armhf; involving Linaro, Ubuntu and
> KDE)
> - We'll be represented at the Qt Contributors’ Summit, an invitation
> only summit, to discuss about Qt future and the Open Governance.

 - we have at least one certified Qt developer amongst us. (although I won't 
be at desktop summit)
> >  It is also interesting to know if Debian or individuals part of
> > Debian are part of the
> > Qt Ambassador Program [3], that information would be interesting to
> > add to the wiki page.
> > If Debian is not part of that program, why not and could Debian be part
> > of it?
> As far as I know, we aren't part of the Qt Ambassador Program (Debian
> or individuals).
> The 1st step will be to fulfill the mandatory requirement:
> public projects that we can show in our Qt Ambassador showcase.

Yep. Debian Qt/KDE team doesn't do much actual coding of nice apps, so I'm not 
sure we have anything (nor will have much in the future) to show off.

We have:
 - now abandoned graphical migration helper for kde3 settings
 - a update notifier thingie 
 - qt debconf frontend (using 3rd party qtperl bindings)

and none of it is really interesting showcases.

Do you know how to boot the computer?

>From Photoshop 6.2 or from the control file inside Office 5.3.3 you can't 
unmount a mousepad but from the panel menu within Office XP you neither should 
rename the graphic BIOS driver on a CD system of the mailer to a RW mouse to a 
display over the program over a connector of the laser cache, nor have to 
enable the application to cancel a bus.


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