Just a couple of corrections:

El día 10 de agosto de 2011 20:41, José Manuel Santamaría Lema
<panfa...@gmail.com> escribió:
> * kdegames is provided both as a big tarball and as separate tarballs, one per
> application/library.

Nevermind, kdegames is still a big monotlithic tarball.

> Source package names and git repositories names.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
> We may or may not rename our source packages kdebase, kdebase-runtime and
> kdebase-workspace to its new names. We might also change the name of the git
> repositories as well; I see two possible ways to do this: one is just renaming
> the repo and sending a mail to debian-kde telling that we moved the repo, and
> another is copying the repo and doing a last commit in the old repository 
> which
> would add a MOVED file with the urls of the new repository.

We may also try to do a symlink from the old repos to the new ones; if
that works it
would be the best solution imo.


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