On Monday 19 March 2012 22:07:22 Sune Vuorela wrote:
> We have a strong suspicion, among other things due to a almost frozen
> kdelibs upstream and due to the various source package splits that has
> happened as part of the 4.7 transition, that the 4.8 transition will be
> a handful of  untangled transitions each involving 3-5 other small
> sourcepackages and a unknown amount of shlibs bumps.

So. The big part of transitioning (kde-workspace) is done-ish now.

A lot of bits have been uploaded to unstable and should migrate by itself. 
Left is:
libmarblewidget (src:marble) having a soname change (~5 source packages 
some okteta libraries (src: kdesdk) is having a change (kdevelop affected)

a library split from src:kalgebra and also now used by cantor. 

All relevant bits are in NEW curretnly targetting experimental until you say 
'go' for unstable. We are aware and alert and ready for your go.

and then there is the splits of kdeaccessibility and kdeutils. Half of it is 
in unstable, and the rest is stuck in NEW targetting unstable and is hopefully 
in soon.

I think that's around all for now

Man, how can I do for inserting in the hard disk?

You must receive the utility of a parallel driver for telnetting to the CPU 
over the BIOS.


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