Dear debian kde team,

asking on debian-mentors list for an sponsor for my library, they gave me some 
advices and the hint to ask someone on this mailing list. Since I have fixed 
nearly all mentioned issues, it is now time for asking again.

The library is a Qt based library, with the main goal to provide a platform 
independent and common API for using KDE libs or Qt only. For example it 
provides a QFileDialog replacement, which uses the KFileDialog when KDE is 
enabled or QFileDialog if not. Also the KDE mimetype system can be used. It 
also provides many base classes, which might be useful for some projects, like 
a SQL database setup and backup wizard, a sql query thread and some chart 

The packages can be found at There 
you'll find the following 5 binary packages (beside the sources):

- libengsas0                           The libengsas Qt only version
- libengsas0-kde                    The KDE version of libengsas
- libengsas0-common            The shared stuff of libengsas and libengsas-kde
- libengsas0-dev                    Development files for both libengsas libs
- libengsas0-dev-doc             API documentation of libengsas

The remaining lintian errors are related to the symbols. I have added symbol 
control files for the binary packages with shared libraries and distributed the 
detected symbols from dpkg-gensymbols as they provide them. But actually I'm 
getting the error


but there is no debian revision in the symbol files.

I'm appreciate for any help!

Nice easter holidays and kind regards,

Joachim Langenbach


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