I've started packaging the KF5 Technical Preview for Kubuntu and I'd really 
like the packages to be able to be picked up by Debian.

I'm putting them into our experimental PPA.


Please take a look and let me know of any changes needed.

some questions:
 do -dbg packages get a library version?  libfoo5-dbg or libfoo-dbg (or is 
Debian getting automatically made dbgsym any time soon?)
 debian/copyright Source point to git archive or 
 use multi-arch: same?
 attica has same source package in qt4 version, renamed to attica-kf5   but is 
kf5attica better? (alternativly they could both be built out of the same source 
as I've done with phonon but that gets complex quickly).


  • KF5 Packaging Jonathan Riddell

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