i'm running sid with kmail 4.12.4

everything works well except:

1. i can't Find Messages because i get

"Nepomuk cannot make search. Errors found: All folders selected are 
empty or were not indexed."

even though akonadiconsole's agent akonadi nepomuk feeder says 
"indexing completed". in fact, it even shows email indexing taking 
place when there is new mail. when i manually force it to happen 
through folder properties, nothing seems to happen and in there it 
claims "Still not indexed".

2. email address autocompletion doesn't work from kaddressbook (though 
it does from recent addresses).

after researching, i am led to believe from various postings that these 
issues are both somehow related to nepomuk and akonadi. for instance, 
nina steiger writes in the "Kmail address completion from addressbook" 
"I have Mail indexing activated as well as nepomuk and the address 
completion is now 10 fold faster than before. (Debian wheezy and kde 
4.11 from jessie)"

so some people have things working properly.

i have kde-full installed, but had separately installed virtuoso, 
nepomuk and strigi (before which kmail couldn't send email).

what can be done to solve these two issues?

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